KFAT Stream

As of Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at about 6pm Brasil time, the stream is working! Go to KFAT.com and click on the "click here to listen" link.

For those who like to download, also check out this site found by another Fathead. Plenty of airchecks (albeit untitled) to grab! Great find.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

KFAT-ish Tunes

I found a bunch of KFAT tunes on usenet, and compiled them into 9 folders (about 100mb each). Click on the link to open a new page with the playlists and download links. As noted, these came from usenet. From what I recall, the person who originally uploaded these wrote that these were played on KFAT, with some tunes from the last two folders sounding like they could have been played on KFAT (if the station had not closed).

Regardless - there is some pretty cool music here.

KFAT-ish Tunes

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FAT CHANCE! Big news!...

What are the odds? Between slim and none? Well Slim done left town, and FAT is back!

BIG FAT news out of KFAT land ... Gilbert Klein's long-awaited, much-anticipated, epic tome about KFAT is finally about to go on sale any day!!!!

Fat Chance - Misfits, Rejects and Ne'er-Do-Wells Running a Radio Station: Was It A Business or a Commune?

This is the official cover.

620 pages of fatty goodness, guaranteed to clog your arteries and boost cholesterol. Look for it at Amazon.com!

Visit Gilbert's site at Read Fat Chance to keep up on what's going on re any book signings or release parties. Fatties and their friends can also find a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to both KFAT and Fat Chance (keyword search = KFAT)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Can Smell The Garlic From Here ...

I'm in the process of updating all of these links, but it takes time. They should all be done within a week or two (as of July 3, 2012).

NOTE: Depositfiles are only available for 90 days since the last download, they are not permanent. So if the links go dead, you'll have to request them by leaving a comment.

These files were recorded from the stream as .wav files, then converted to .mp3 for downloading here. No audio quality was edited, and they should sound exactly as they are being broadcast on the stream. Each has been updated with new links.

(this had to be clipped from the beginning of the next file in order to fit the rest onto one cd)